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求职信 时间:2018-03-25

  引导文: 随着企业要求的提高,部分企业会要求求职者提供英文求职信,你是否准备好了呢?下面是yjbys小编搜集整理的会计专业英文求职信范文大全,和大家一起分享。喜欢大家喜欢!


10bet娱乐   dear sir or madam:

10bet娱乐   do you have any work in your accounting department for a part?time employee? miss wang, of the university placement office, has suggested that i write to you, since i would like to work for your company after i finish my courses at the university. i?ve heard so much about your company, and i believe it offers a good chance to a man interested in construction work and trained in business.

  i’m enclosing a resume that gives details of my life so far. my father died when i was twelve years old, and i?ve been on my own since fourteen. i?m finishing college plenty late but i?ve had some experience along the way, with four years in the military.

  i could work every afternoon and all day saturday. professor he at the university can tell you about my work in accounting. he is chairman of the accounting department and my adviser.

  please look over the attached resume. i can come for an interview, if you wish. my telephone number (home) is -.

10bet娱乐   sincerely yours,


  Dear Sir or Madam, please

  My name's petrels.Guangxi vocational and technical college of a student.I'm 20 years old is a bright and cheerful girl.I majored in international business management at College, majoring in the course of international trade practice, international business negotiations, English for international business, import and export of certified training and a number of related enterprises of economic law.Now I've a sophomore.In a short time I graduate to face employment problems.Last week, I saw on the Internet you recruit three salesmen.In order to be able to grab this opportunity.I write a letter to your company.I am sincere, work conscientiously, and innovative thinking.Hope you give me a chance, I would never make you regret selecting me.Dear Sir or Madam, thank you for reading my letter.I look forward to hearing from you.!

10bet娱乐   Best wishes for you .

  Your sincere friend


  The leadership of the distinguished company:

  Hello! Thank you for your busy schedule to take time to read my cover letter.

  Through various channels, I learned about the situation of your company, know your company keep on exploring and innovating with the strength and the development of a strong future at the same time, the community has a high-profile reputation, so I can become a great yearning for a member of.

  I am a graduating student of accounting, since the school years, I have been making strenuous efforts to do a good job should be done, I told myself: to learn not only seriously, but also to enhance their abilities, and strive to achieve all-round development.

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