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10bet娱乐   推荐信是一个人为推荐另一个人去接受某个职位或参与某项工作而写的信件,是一种应用写体。下面是小编整理提供的范文,欢迎阅读参考!希望大家采纳!更多相关信息请关注文书帮的栏目!


10bet娱乐   pril12,XX

10bet娱乐   dear sir or madam:

  i am xxx, general manager of xxx. learning that an excellent staff member of ours, mr. xxx is intent on further studying abroad, i am much pleased and gratified. in my opinion, such a promising youth striving for progress should receive better education so as to create a brighter future. therefore, it gives me a high honor to strongly recommend this outstanding young man to your world-renowned university.

10bet娱乐   mr. xxx once did practice in ours in his last academic year at university. though he was not familiar with business and insufficient in working experience, he, instead of admitting defeat, never allowed any opportunity to study to slip away. taking full advantage of leisure time, mr. xxx thumbed through volumes of books regarding business and remitted to other experienced staff members modestly. gradually, he became well versed in various business and obtained certain working results. never satisfied with and proud of his acquisition, mr. xxx still communicated and discussed modestly with his colleagues about some puzzles he encountered in the work till finding out solutions. in light of his praiseworthy performance in the practice, we made an exception to recruit him as a full member of ours after his graduation (we seldom hire those just graduating from universities).

10bet娱乐   by now, as a business elite of ours, mr. xxx works even seriously, responsibly and diligently, setting a good example to other staff members. every drop of sweat will be repaid. mr. xxx has been appraised as excellent employee of ours and awarded considerable bonus.

  to some extent, it may be a great loss of our company that such a superexcellent employee as mr. xxx is going to study abroad. however, in consideration of his prospect, i, without any hesitation, am in great favor of his decision of studying at your reputable university. with great sincerity, i expect that you will support his application fully and grant him an opportunity to uplift himself and realize his dream. thanks a lot.

  respectfully yours,


  general manager


  tel: xxx

  e-mail: xxx

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